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30 years ago Kathy from Michigan, Married Miguel from Florida. Kathy introduced Miguel to her friend Gary that needed a shop helper, thus the journey began. An Installation helper became service man, to fabricator to lead installer. Opening their own business Kathy and Miguel became a winning team, providing honest affordable services all over Florida and amazingly the world. Working on cruise ship refits as well as local projects. Growing from a shed in their backyard to owning a large facility with many employees. In 2022 they decided to move to South Carolina where they happily reside and work today.  

Creative has the experience working with every known countertop material man made and natural. Our hands on approach has allowed us to evolve from Solid Surface to Granite to man made Quartz and Porcelain products. We are certified to work with all the major brands and we are routinely referred by the material manufacturers for we have earned their trust and confidence. We can bend solid surface and understand how critical subdecks are. We have been trained to work by Global standards. Working all over the world with the best Cruise Ship Interior Designers, Engineers and Architects on vessel refits. 

We are extremely grateful to be one of the most requested and respected countertop companies in the world. Even so, we have never lost sight of our most loyal local clients and contractors.

We can do it all.       




When some companies say No, Creative says Yes WE CAN! 

The Creative approach is fearless for we have the experience to not only make the most difficult custom pieces but we also travel to work nights and weekends. On our overnight projects that have the most pressure...".There is nothing like watching the sun rise when you are done cleaning up; for the restaurant you are working on has to open for Breakfast!" Owner: Miguel Angel Reyna

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